I want the photos of your wedding to remind you exactly how the day was. The emotions. The laughter. All the people there. You’ve seen your grandparent’s wedding photos, all the smiles of people you don’t recognise anymore. The people you know. The people you never knew. Wedding photos are some of the most precious photos you’ll ever have and this isn’t something to take lightly.


It’s important you choose the right photographer.


Where do you fall on the scale of documentary and posed? Fortunately for you, I do both! I can slide into the background on the day and capture candid moments, the smiles and mishaps you may miss, the reactions, the smiles, the tears, I’ll be there to capture it all.


Or maybe you’re a couple that doesn’t mind the odd pose! We all spend hours searching “best wedding photographers” on Instagram / Pinterest and we know those photos aren’t candid, but who cares? Having those incredible ‘wow’ moments from your wedding photos are what it’s all about right? I’m happy to provide candid or documentary style wedding photography. And we can all have a laugh while we do it 🙂


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Currently to date I have shot at the following venues;


And many more!!


Croatia (2023)

I am working my way through the North West Wedding Venues, clearly! However don’t fret if I’ve never shot at your venue before – I always go down to view the venue beforehand, speak to the staff and other photographers who have shot there to find the best spots and get a feel for the venue 🙂

I also like to meet you both at the venue where possible to see what made you fall in love with the venue, I want to get a feel for what makes you both tick – this always translates to photos and makes the entire day that much more comfortable and enjoyable!