20 lockdown date ideas to keep you inside and in-love during the pandemic!
17th April 2019 / Written by Declan West Photography
cute couple lying in bed

So I think we’re on week 4 of lockdown now? I think it’s a Friday? At this point, I have no idea but if I have to spend one more night flicking between Netflix and Amazon Prime I’m going to go crazy. So rather than watching Friends for the 200th time this week, let’s see what we can do together! Introducing;

Date night – Coronavirus edition!

So I’m going to try come up with 20 ideas we can do so we don’t rip each other’s heads off and get through this lockdown alive!

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 1 – Spa Night

Who doesn’t love a good pampering? This can work one of two ways, you can either take it in turns to pamper each other, maybe have a competition who can provide the best experience or one person can rise to the challenge of giving the other the best spa night-in they’ve ever had!

This doesn’t have to be expensive either, I picked up some great massage oils from Amazon – there’s 6 different ones, each smelling fantastic!

You can also set some ambiance too; turn the light off and put YouTube on the TV, search for ‘fire crackles’ or ‘relaxing music’ and let the TV provide the low light AND the sounds while you get to work!

Spa night

 2 – Couple Questions

It’s not quite ‘monopoly’ level of relationship-ending risk, but it’s up there. However, trust me, we’re going to make it fun! Get your pen and paper and write your partners answer, and your answers to the questions below (make sure not to show your answers!)

  1. Who made the first move?
  2. When did we first kiss?
  3. Who said ‘I love you’ first?
  4. Favourite alcoholic drink?
  5. Celebrity crush?
  6. You, their favourite sports team, their mates, their job – order these in priority
  7. Favourite body part?
  8. Favourite band/musician/artist?
  9. Favourite meal?
  10. Mcdonalds, KFC, Nandos – order these in your favourite!


Next, read through the questions together and for each one you both get wrong you’ve got to do a shot! 

 3 – Guitar Hero / Singstar

Time to dig this bad boy out! Be it on the Wii, PS3 or even Ps2 (or the Microsoft equivalent!) – time to see who the real rockstar in the relationship is!

We’ve noticed that there’s still quite a lot of activity going on Facebook marketplace so see if you can time your one hour exercise with picking up a cheap bargain! We find sending the money via bank transfer and a contactless pick-up work great, while everyone is being super understanding of restrictions but still be careful and stay within Government guidelines! 

4 – Harry Potter Marathon

Now there’s four types of people who are reading this blog right now

Type 1 – “But we do this every weekend!” – And? Watch them again! Or move to number 5, I guess.

Type 2 – “But they’re not on Netflix or any streaming service” – Good point, they are on Sky but you can also buy the entire series here

Type 3 – “Good idea, we’ll do that right now” – another correct response.

Type 4 – “I don’t like Harry Potter” – please leave the blog, go sit down and have a serious word with yourself.

In all seriousness, find a great set of films you both enjoy such as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Avengers (or anything Marvel!) etc, and binge it! Flip a coin on who makes the popcorn!



 5 – Lip Sync Battle

Don’t pretend you don’t know what it is. Both pick your tracks, outfits are optional and let’s see those impressions! Here’s some memorable ones to get you in the mood;

Spiderman himself performing Umbrella!

The Tatum’s low-ley effort

Terry Crews with his infamous song!

 6 – Scrapbook Your Adventures

Who doesn’t love to get arts and craftsy? Next time you’re doing your food shop head over to the photo printer and start printing off some photos of your best adventures, they don’t need to be big you can often print around 50 photos for £5!

Next, get yourself a scrapbook, again, doesn’t have to be special, I grabbed this one from Amazon which comes with a lot of cute artsy additions!

We have multiple pages for big holidays, with even our little day trip selfies making the cut to some pages! It’s nice to look back on when you forget the smaller details of your trips!

Old stamps

7 – Charades

Yep, we’re at that point in the list. BUT, there is a way to make this even better! Download the app ‘Heads Up’ in the App Store / Play store. Honestly, you won’t regret it and it’s free! Who doesn’t love free?

Here’s some highlights


8 – Nerf Gun fight!

No – this is absolutely not childish – this is war. Get on Amazon and choose your weapon of choice!

Playful – Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire

Okay, game on! – Nerf E7567 Alpha Strike Wolf LR-1 Blaster

Probably too far – Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 Toy Blaster – Fully Motorised, 50-Dart Drum, 50 Official Nerf Elite Darts, Spinning Barrel

Your house becomes the war zone, grab the colander for your helmet and a spatula for your melee – this just got serious!

9 – Wine/Beer Tasting

We’ve just done a U-turn in this list I know, but pick your poison and stock up on your next food shop! Buy 5 bottles and test each other, can you spot the difference? Or maybe ignore the labels, price them up and see if you can tell which is the most expensive and which is the £2.99 Aldi special! 

Not much to lose on this one, you had all intentions on being civilised, testing the fruity notes of your Australian Malbec, at least, that’s what you’ll be explaining to the neighbors when they ask what you were doing in the next one…


10 – Karaoke

We can’t go out and have a sing, so let’s bring it in house! Fire up YouTube, pick your song followed by ‘karaoke’, and start warming those vocal cords! 

This is also great if you can Facetime/Zoom/Houseparty/Skype (Is that still a thing?) with some friends!

11 – Make A Den

If you’ve ever watched Community, then you’ll know this can be taken very seriously; structure, building material and ease of access are all critical aspects of your den.

Personally, I’m a washing dolly kind of guy; offering adjustable height as well as perfect thickness for pegs means you have a very stable one side to your new fortress. Throw the other half of your preferred choice of roofing over the back of the sofa and you’ve got a great basis for your den.

Next; flooring. Goes without saying it’s got to be the duvet right? Bonus points if you’ve got two duvets.

Final steps; cushions galore, throw them in! Bring the TV to one side of the den, get creative with a doorway for the remaining side and you’re set for a night or two in. Away from the crazy world! At least until you have to pee…

Pillow fort

12 – Come Dine With Me

Cooking time! While cooking a meal together is in every ‘night in date guide’ in the world, if someone gets in my way when things are cooking, it’s not very romantic! 

That said, coming up with a three-course meal to cook is definitely up there on the romantic scale! Go one step further and print out a menu and lay the table properly… Time to jump on Pinterest for some food ideas!


13 – Treasure Hunt!

Get your riddle head on and start laying clues! Here’s some to get you going!

Open me up, there’s lots to see. But sometimes, you still frown at me! You’ll say I’m not diverse enough. It’s not my fault you don’t buy new stuff!

Dry and crunchy – that’s how I’m made! But people like to see me bathe. In a box or in a pouch, the perfect meal for any slouch.

Fill me up – make me fat, you like me best when I’m like that. But lose track and you will see, you’ve nearly finished what you put in me.

Can you figure them out? The answers are backwards below!




14 – Bucket List!

Time to get those buckets lists in order! You’ve been given the gift of time, you can’t do anything, go anywhere so let’s start planning on what you can do when Borris says ‘Get to the pub lads!’

Personally I rank mine into three lots of three; Personal, Material & Experience.

Personal bucket lists goals can be anything from starting a family to overcoming an addiction.

Material bucket lists are about those possessions we want; a new car, a new watch, a new camera.

Experience bucket lists are exactly that; experiences; a sunrise in Bali, a hike up Snowdon or simply finding the world’s best cup of coffee.

I also break down my three to short, medium, and long term. Something I think I can achieve in the next year, something I can achieve in the next 2-3 years and something I will always strive for. This way you keep motivation but always have something to aspire to!

15 – Travel List

Going hand in hand with the one point, both create a list of 10 places you want to travel to. Doesn’t have to be this year, doesn’t have to be next year but places you want to go to. Once you’re finished, see which places you have in common and put them at the top! Write them down, put them on the fridge, get a map and stab a dart in it, do anything to keep reminding yourself where you’re going next. 

If you haven’t already I’d really recommend getting a scratchmap – they’re a great size for pinning up and SO satisfying when you start scratching off places you’ve been to! You might be there a while if you’re been to Russia though…

Scratch the World Travel Map

16 – Never Have I Ever…

Especially good for our newer couples, but still great for couples who thought they knew everything about each other! Here’s some good ones to get you started;

Never have I ever bragged about something I have not done.

Never have I ever Really liked a song by Justin Bieber

Never have I ever Lied in this game… Shifty looks…



17 – Puzzles

You can’t have a night in without mentioning puzzles, board games, jigsaws, etc! They’re a staple of our childhood and I’m sorry, I don’t care what anyone says Mouse Trap was a great game! 

Just maybe leave Monopoly in the cupboard!

For our more adventurous couples, have you ever tried naked Twister? No? Well, me either… 

18 – Dessert Off!

It’s time to throw calories out the window and make some of the dirtiest, naughtiest desserts you can think of. I’m talking spaghetti, syrup and M&M’s (huh, second Elf reference in one blog…), milkshakes with a doughnut on top, just, go type ‘crazy desserts’ into google images and thank me later!


19 – Drinking Games!

Honestly, if half the drinking game apps that existed today was around when I was 18 (read: 16) I would definitely have some more interesting stories, that’s for sure.

That said chunk in ‘drinking games’ into the app store, pick your poison and see where the night takes you!

20 – Have A Bath Together!

Now, this is a debatable one and it’s why I left it for last. What’s your opinion on this? Are you on the side of ‘we’re sitting in each other’s bath water’ or are you ‘it’s warm, we can cuddle naked?’

Whichever side you are, either both get in or treat your other half to a great relaxed in. Go from the spa to the bath to the desserts, because who doesn’t love eating chocolate in the bath?

And of course, as Charles Boyle once said, “washing her hair is the ultimate form of intimacy” so if nothing else, that confirms this should be the final point on the list!

Charles Boyle

I hope you enjoyed this list! Let me know if you end up doing anything (maybe except naked Twister…). If you did enjoy it, I’d really appreciate if you could share the blog, the more clicks and shares, the more it boosts me and my content!

Full disclaimer; some of the Amazon links are affiliate links, it just means I get a small kickback but does not change the price for you at all – it just allows me to keep investing time in making blogs like this!