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Aftershoot Review inc Discount Code

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Aftershoot takes the pain out of culling by utilising AI and choosing the photos you want to deliver.


AfterShoot is a fully automated image culling software that aims to cut down time you spend on culling and selecting your photos.

Unlike other AI-powered image culling solutions, AfterShoot runs locally on the user’s system and lets the user retain full control on the selections and make it extremely easy to review and edit the selections made by AfterShoot.


With the help of AfterShoot, you can save hours and take back control of your time to focus on things that matter the most to you! Be it spending more time with the ones you love or working on growing your business.

Who is AfterShoot Meant For

While automated culling is something that all genres of photographers might benefit from, the ideal target audience for AfterShoot is photographers who deal with a large volume of photos.

This would make photographers shooting Weddings, Events, Portraits, and Journalism an ideal audience for AfterShoot.

That said, if your photoshoot involves humans, AfterShoot should work without any issues. However, some of our users have found AfterShoot to work well on Product and Landscape shoots as well!


To see how to use Aftershoot see their website or view my video which will be uploaded soon, and include a full review.